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Thanks to our advanced technology, BeeBryte reduces the cost of delivering and consuming power for commercial & industrial customers (B2B).

We monitor & control the use of energy, reduce carbon footprint, lower utility bills and thus improve competitiveness without changing processes.

Without any long-term engagement, we offer a simple / no risk solution and only charge a % of the savings for our service.


BeeBryte’s turn-key solution (SaaS+Box) automatically controls your heating-cooling equipment (e.g. HVAC, heat pumps) and/or an energy storage system (battery) that we add into your building to maximize electricity cost savings.

  • Up to 40% savings by stacking multiple value pools (energy efficiency, peak shaving, price arbitrage & grid services)

  • Lower carbon footprint to help you achieve your sustainability goals

  • Using artificial intelligence to maintain comfort and all operational constraints set by our customer

  • Predictive analytics allowing cost reduction and early stage anomaly detection

  • Maximize self-consumption from onsite generation (e.g. rooftop solar PV)


BeeBryte’s ‘Hive Optimal’ product can generate cost savings by controling various processes in your facility in a smarter way including chillers, gensets, pumps, air compressors, AGV charging points, electrolysers, etc. We maintain your operational constraints and modulate the processes anticipating changing conditions (e.g. weather, operational schedule, energy prices) that affect your efficiency and energy costs.

  • Reduce amount of kWh purchased and consumed (energy efficiency)

  • Buy cheaper energy (time-of-use arbitrage or day-ahead / intra-day spot trading)

  • Lower the contracted power capacity (peak-shaving)

  • Bring services to the grid (demand-response, frequency regulation)

  • Offer predictive maintenance advice and alerts in case of equipment anomalies


Not only can BeeBryte optimize load flexibility & power assets for a single building but also for a fleet of buildings, green communities and eco-suburbs. Our platform manages energy flows and enables peer-to-peer  / grid transactions.

  • Create a local pricing market between prosumers to share benefits of on-site energy production & storage

  • Automatic & real-time control of demand-side flexibility

  • Manage grid-connected urban grid and trade energy

  • Facilitate the integration of renewable energy & support a greener future


Our intelligent software uses predictive analytics, patented optimization techniques, and advanced equipment command & coordination to be the “brain” of your charging station.

  • Smart scheduling tailored to your needs, vehicles departure time, length of use / distance and required state of charge

  • Control of the charging power & balancing between charging points to reduce peaks and price arbitrage

  • Integration if needed of solar systems + stationary batteries

  • Homogenization of the fleet’s ageing


Whether you are a grid-scale energy storage project developer or solar PV operator considering adding a battery, BeeBryte has a solution for both your feasbility analysis, sizing and asset operation.

Our EMS has unique real-time capabilities to maximize your revenues on the wholesale electricity spot markets and grid services (e.g. secondary reserve, frequency regulation).

  • Based on weather & price forecasts, we manage solar+storage assets & grid injection to maximize trading gains

  • Optimal battery control to maximize lifetime and ROI

  • Increase projects IRR by adding new revenue streams with balancing services