Save on Utility Bills

Our unique energy intelligence solution saves up to 40%
with real-time control of batteries and HVAC systems

Our technology combines proprietary trading algorithms
cloud computing and predictive analytics
to offer dynamic energy optimization services

Prepare for the Internet of Energy

Falling prices for distributed energy generation and storage as well as new IoT technologies now allow grid-connected customers to shift, store & trade electricity capturing arbitrage opportunities created by deregulation, rising tariff & price volatility

We temporarily shift heating/cooling loads and use batteries as energy buffers to (i) desynchronize the purchase of electricity from its consumption in a building, (ii) minimize energy costs without affecting occupants' comfort, and (iii) maximize self-consumption from onsite generation (e.g. rooftop Solar PV)

Energy Intelligence Solution Provider for Buildings

BeeBryte is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that optimises energy consumption by
(i) maximising self-consumption from onsite generation (e.g. Solar PV),
(ii) capturing electricity price arbitrage opportunities,
(iii) reducing demand charge and (iv) bringing services to the Grid

You save & we earn a %

Your electricity is bought at the lowest prices, consumed and stored in a battery. When prices are high, the battery is discharged to reduce energy purchased from the grid

Complexity made simple

Enter a new era with our plug-and-play solution, mixing the latest big data, machine learning & cloud computing breakthroughs for unique experience & max. savings

The Future is now

Our self-learning technology is future-proof. It works with all equipment brands, manages multiple services at a time (arbitrage, demand-charge reduction, grid services)

How It Works

BeeBryte is the only company able to deal with any complex tariff structure (incl. wholesale spot prices)
in any international market in order to minimise the net electricity service costs

This core competency employs a real-time optimisation algorithm
that is based on a disruptive methodology for which we filed a patent

Asset optimization

Maximize utilization and return on investment for rooftop solar PV and energy storage systems

Technology Agnostic

Works with all brands of batteries and HVAC systems, fully automated, optimal decision-making

Power Insight

User-friendly dashboard to monitor cost savings, utility bill forecast and system status (including hardware performance / failure)

Customer First

No financial risk for users as fees are a % of realized savings, cancellation any time. Encrypted communication and emergency mode

BeeBryte Team


co-CEO & CFO
Cleantech Serial Entrepreneur with 19 yrs experience in Europe, USA and Asia.
MBA (Insead), MSc. & MEng. (Supaero),
Certified Energy Manager
co-CEO & CTO
Engineer with 20 yrs experience in simulation and complex computing algorithms, expert in hybrid power systems and nano-grids.
MSc. (Polytechnique & Supaero)

Our team includes seasoned business executives & engineers from leading energy and computing organizations
including NASA, Engie, Vergnet, EDF, Alstom, CNRS, CEA, CapGemini and Dassault Systems